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The allegro database software was designed by Bernhard Eversberg at Braunschweig Technical University Library. It has been configured for use in Oxford by David Helliwell (database construction) and Thaddeus Lipinski (web implementation).

The cataloguing of Bodley's pre-1920 holdings began in 1933, and the process of encoding them in machine-readable format was begun in 1967. The data was structured by John Jolliffe, who was Keeper of Catalogues from 1970 to 1982 and Bodley's Librarian from 1982 until his untimely death in 1985. Jolliffe also devised means of encoding non-Roman scripts and typographical details which were ahead of their time.

The data was further enhanced by AND Software of Rotterdam under commission from Oxford University Press, who published a CD-ROM of the catalogue at the end of 1993 which was networked to readers until it became technically obsolete in 2015. The UKMARC datafile produced for the CD is the source of the data in the current allegro database.

The original script has been reconstituted from romanisation by David Helliwell with the assistance of Sarah Wheale (Rare Books), Olivia Thompson (Greek), Michael Heaney (Russian), and Cesar Merchan-Hamann (Hebrew), and the entire dataset is now encoded in UTF-8.

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14 March 2016