Field #80V is used to record details of the Van der Loon books which are not being retained by the Library. Its contents do not therefore from part of the regular record display.

We are recording our treatment of this particular collection as that was a condition of the bequest, and there are three possible scenarios: works that are wanted in their entirety for the Library collections, works that are not wanted in their entirety, and works that are wanted in part.

Works wanted in their entirety

If either a single-volume work, or ALL volumes of a multi-volume work are wanted, they are catalogued in the usual way and a shelfmark is assigned and entered into an appropriate field (usually #800, #802, or #806. After the shelfmark, V is entered into subfield |p (provenance):

#800 Sinica 4684|pV

It may be that the work is wanted as an additional copy, in which case, it will go into the next available repeated field:

#800 Chin.c.52

Works not wanted in their entirety

As above, the following applies to single-volume works or ALL volumes of multi-volume works. These will invariably be duplicates, as we are keeping everything that is not already in the collections. The duplicate is assigned a running number (the next in the series c001, c002, &c.), and this number is entered into field #80V. It follows that no record will have the field #80V that does not already have a field #800, #802, #806, or any other field that contains a Library shelfmark:

#800 Chin.d.5094
#80V c0090

Like the #800 fields, #80V may contain a copy note which is entered into subfield |c:

#800 Chin.e.18946
#80V c1385|c1980年重印

Works wanted in part

If only parts of either multi-volume monographs or periodicals are wanted by the Library, they are incorporated into the existing holdings, and their addition will require the alteration of either fields #470 or subfields |c or |h of field #800 &c. Sometimes it will also be necessary to change other fields, such as #200, #0ca, #430 &c.

Proceed as follows. Assign a running number to the parts that are not wanted in field #80V; enter the parts originally in the Van der Loon collection into subfield |v, the parts kept by Oxford into subfield |o, and the parts to be disposed of into subfield |x:

#470 平裝34冊 ; 21公分
#800 Chin.e.9138
#80V c0492|v第1-34冊|c第21﹑30冊|x第1-20, 22-29, 31-34冊