Physical description. This field contains up to four elements separated by ISBD punctuation: extent of item : other physical details ; dimensions + additional material. At least the first and third elements are usually present.

It is our practice to state the type of binding and number of volumes, then the pagination in round brackets. In most cases we only state the pagination of the main text block (or blocks); we do not bother with minor sequences containing only prefaces and the like. If there is more than one volume, we only give the pagination if there is a single sequence extending over all the volumes. If each volume is paginated separately, or if a single volume is either unpaginated or the pagination is fussy, we simply omit it. We also omit the pagination of books bound in traditional formats.


#470 平裝1冊(667頁) ; 21公分
#470 精裝1冊(106, 158頁) ; 21公分
#470 精裝3冊(1388頁) ; 27公分
#470 精裝3冊 ; 27公分
#470 平裝1冊 ; 21公分
#470 包背裝1冊 ; 51公分

If the width of a book is greater than its height, give both dimensions, height first. Also, give both dimensions of single sheet items, such as maps:

#470 平裝1冊(127頁) ; 9 x 13公分
#470 地圖1幅 ; 107 x 147公分

After the extent of the item, other physicals details are given with appropriate ISBD punctuation. We are more generous than some authorities, indicating the presence in the publication of portraits of the author 像, illustrations 圖, maps 地圖, tables 表格, specimen pages 書影, musical scores 樂譜:

#470 精裝1冊(1069頁) : 圖 ; 21公分
#470 平裝1冊(223頁) : 圖, 地圖, 表格 ; 26公分
#470 平裝1冊(408頁) : 圖, 樂譜 ; 21公分
#470 精裝1冊(1069頁) : 像, 書影 ; 21公分

If there is any additional material, it is given last after appropriate ISBD puctuation:

#470 精裝3冊(2927頁) : 圖 ; 27公分 + 索引1冊(647頁)
#470 平裝1冊(151頁) ; 25公分 + 附錄(24頁)
#470 精裝2冊 ; 27公分 + 圖2幅
#470 精裝200冊 ; 22公分 + 地圖1套(21幅)
#470 1函(100幅) ; 32公分 + 說明﹑目次1幅
#470 精裝1冊(237頁) : 圖 ; 37公分 + 維吾爾語文摘
#470 精裝4冊 ; 27公分 + 磁帶12盒