The use of this field is very straightforward.


#410 上海|9shang hai
#410 基隆|9ji long
#410 Paris

If the place name is not found in the publication, so that it is entered in square brackets, only the original script element is enclosed:

#410 [西安]|9xi an

If there is more than one place of publication, the field can be repeated:

#410 北京|9bei jing
#410a上海|9shang hai
#420 中國大百科全書出版社|9zhong guo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she

ISBD: 北京 ; 上海 : 中國大百科全書出版社

Surprisingly, to date (15 January 2016) there are only 90 items where a single publisher has two places of publication, and only one which has three:

#200 歐洲日報 = Europe Journal|9ou zhou ri bao
#410 London

For the handling of multiple place : publisher groups, see field #411&c