Personal author. This is the field from which authors are indexed. Usually, the name will be as given in the statement of responsibility.


#290 常彬著
#300 常彬|9chang bin

But if the statement of responsibility contains a pseudonymn, the standard form of the name is entered into field #300 and a personal author authority record is constructed (see field #3AA):

#290 魯迅著
#300 周樹人|9zhou shu ren

There may not be a statement of responsibility. Sometimes the author's name is contained in the title, but it is still indexed from a #300 field in its standard form, creating an author authority record where necessary:

#200 陶大鏞文集|9tao da yong wen ji
#300 陶大鏞|9tao da yong
#200 王闓運手批唐詩選|9wang kai yun shou pi tang shi xuan
#300 (清)王闓運|9wang kai yun
#200 馬加文集|9ma jia wen ji
#300 白曉光|9bai xiao guang

If modern authors or western authors share the same name, they can be differentiated in the index by the use of subfield |d. To date (8 January 2016) only the following authors in the catalogue have been found to share the same name, but it is likely that there are many more:

#300 王超|9wang chao
#300 王超|d1935-|9wang chao
#300 王超|d1974-|9wang chao
#300 Smith, George|d1815-1871
#300 Smith, George|d1833-1891

If the authors date to imperial China, their dynasty is placed first, in brackets:

#300 (宋)張鑑|9zhang jian

To date (8 January 2016) no cases have been found of authors with the same name and from the same dynasty, so that the system has not yet been configured to accept names with the dynasty in brackets together with subfield |d. Currently, one or the other must be used.

The field may be repeated indefinitely, to index all the names associated with field #290 and its repetitions:

#290 (清)徐鼒撰
#290a閻振益, 鍾夏點校
#300 (清)徐鼒|9xu zi
#300a閻振益|9yan zhen yi
#300b鍾夏|9zhong xia