Added or variant titles, which are indexed but not displayed. There are no fixed rules as to what constitutes a variant title; cataloguers should use their common sense to enter into this field whatever titles they consider it reasonable for a reader to use in searching for the book.


#200 光緒海城縣志|9guang xu hai cheng xian zhi
#230 海城縣志|9hai cheng xian zhi

Added titles will often be derived from notes:

#200 史略 ^六卷^|9shi lue
#230 影宋本史略|9ying song ben shi lue
#600 封面題名「影宋本史略」

And there are often more than one:

#200 汽機必以 ^十二卷首一卷附錄一卷^|9qi ji bi yi
#230 ^A^ catechism of the steam engine
#230aHandbook of the steam engine
#230b江南製造局譯書|9jiang nan zhi zao ju yi shu
#600 選譯「A catechism of the steam engine」與「Handbook of the steam engine」