Material designations, general (GMD) and specific (SMD), each consisting of a single letter as in the table below, so that the data consists of two letters, or occasionally a single letter. The table is that of NACSIS (now NII), as it was in the 1990s. The field has not been used consistently in the Chinese database.


#0cg ej

A manuscript map

Table of GMDs with their corresponding SMDs

a cartographic material a celestial globe
b planetary or lunar globe
c terrestrial globe
g diagram
j map
k profile
q model
r remote sensing image
s section
y view
z other
b braille
c printed music a full score
b full score, miniature or study size
c accompaniment reduced for keyboard
d voice score
e condensed score or piano conductor score
g close score
h eastern score
m multiple score format
u unknown
z other
d manuscript text
e manuscript map SMD as for GMD a
f manuscript music SMD as for GMD c
g projected graphic c filmstrip cartridge
d filmstrip
f other filmstrip type
o filmstrip roll
s slide
t transparency
z other
h microform a aperture card
b microfilm cartridge
c microfilm cassette
d microfilm reel
e microfiche
f microfiche casette
g micro-opaque
z other
k nonprojected graphic c collage
d drawing
e painting
f photomechanical print
g photonegative
h photoprint
i picture
j print
l technical drawing
n chart
o flash card
z other
m motion picture c film cartridge
f film cassette
r film reel
z other
s musical sound recording b LP disc (33⅓ rpm)
c CD
d other sound disc type
e cylinder
g sound cartridge
i film soundtrack
q roll
s sound casette
t tape
w wire recording
z other
t nonmusical sound recording SMD as for GMD s
v video recording c video cartridge
d video disc
f video cassette
r video reel
z other
w computer file
x object
y kit