Country code, consisting of two letters, and not repeatable. Followed by language of text, original, and abstract in subfields |t, |o and |a respectively, all repeatable. Use the standard MARC 2-letter country codes and 3-letter language codes. If the work is published in more than one country, enter the principal one, as evidenced by the ISBN, for example. Enter the data in a single string, with no spaces.


#0cc cc|tchi

Published in mainland China, text in Chinese

#0cc ch|tchi|aeng|ajpn|otib

Published in Taiwan, text in Chinese, abstracts in English and Japanese, translated from Tibetan

Country codes

cc Peoples Republic of China
ch Republic of China
hk Hong Kong
mh Macau
si Singapore
ja Japan
uk United Kingdom
xx Unknown

Language codes

chi Chinese
eng English
jpn Japanese
kor Korean
mnc Manchu
mon Mongolian
tib Tibetan